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Latest version:  1.6 for Windows (Version 1.6 , release date: September 1, 2010)

What is Sudoku Studio?

Sudoku Studio provides a convenient environment for working Sudoku puzzles. It lets you enter your own puzzles available in newspapers, books, and magazines or puzzles you create yourself. It can also generate new puzzles at several levels of difficulty. Then you can race against time or your friends to solve puzzles and achieve a high score. Need help?  Sudoku Studio can solve any Sudoku puzzle. You can print, save, and reload puzzles you like.  Some of its many great features include:

  • Shareware - FREE downloads!  Try before you buy!
  • Enter Sudoku puzzles that you create yourself.
  • Enter Sudoku puzzles from the newspaper, books, or magazines.
  • Generate new Sudoku puzzles with a vide variety of difficulty levels.
  • Work puzzles in a user-friendly easy-to-use environment.
  • Race against time or your friends to achieve a high score.
  • Need help? Sudoku Studio can solve any Sudoku puzzle.
  • Save or print your favorite puzzles to share with friends.
  • Fast set-up
  • Easy-to-use menus
  • Extensive on-line help

Start enjoying Sudoku today!

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